First Presbyterian Church of Lafayette

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Communities Uniting in Prayer and Service (C.U.P.S.) is our partner in ministry that helps us care for those needs that others neglect. One of our mutual ministries is the production of 2k+ gift baskets for children and families at Christmas, Easter and for certain birthdays in partnership with tutoring and special needs groups. Gift Baskets are distributed through C.U.P.S. (298-9968).  

All of this is made possible through the work of many people, and we lovingly call them our C.U.P.S. Elves. The tasks are many as we prepare for our upcoming Christmas distribution. Helper "Elves" are needed Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-12 and Sundays from 2-5.

The C.U.P.S. Basket ministry is also in need of some "helper elves" to take care of a few tasks that would help them get ready for the holiday basket distribution on December 6th.  We need a "handy elf" to paint a small toy chest, a small stepping stool, and a small box. A Few "patient elves" are needed to strip crayons and to group "good" crayons into sets. "Sewing elves" can get their hands into the mix and make some laundry bags for storing stuffed animals. AND, we need a few "couch potato elves" to stuff plastic bags into "basket bumpers" while they sit and relax at home. Mrs. Sue Steck-Turner is our Head Elf, and she has even put together "bumper kits" that can be taken home and put together. These "kits" are available on the pew outside the church office. Feel free to drop by and pick one up on Sunday or M-F 8:30-12:30.  Please contact the church office (234-5182) for more information about joining the ranks of our elves. Call C.U.P.S. (298-9968) if you or someone you know is unable to provide a gift for a family member.