First Presbyterian Church of Lafayette

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New Consecration Sunday!

We are about to enter a season of generosity in our nation. Don't think so? Why else have all the non-profits begun to announce how important your support is to their work? While the church may be a 501c3, we offer a unique voice in the conversation of generosity. Generosity is not simply about money, and generosity in the church is not simply a way to produce an effect in the world. Making a commitment to generosity in the church is nothing short of an expression of a life that has been consecrated - set apart by God for good works.

Over the next few months, First Presbyterian Church of Lafayette will be collaborating with First Presbyterian Church of Hammond to encourage a more faithful expression of consecrated living in both of our congregations.

It begins this Sunday, September 20, as our Pastor, the Rev. Zach Sasser, leads worship with the Rev. Barry Chance at FPC Hammond. The Rev. Frank Sherard will preach on that same day in Lafayette. Barry will then return the favor by leading us in worship on October 11. And we will celebrate God's faithfulness by consecrating (recognizing how we have been set apart) our shared lives before God in worship on October 25.

Join us in this adventure in person or in prayer as we begin a new season of ministry that is definitely about lifting a more prophetic voice through our common unity!